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Your bathroom is a place of serenity and peace. You want it to be as attractive and functional as possible, especially for guests that enter the area. To improve the overall beauty of the bathroom, utilizing different bathroom tiles is a must. But before choosing a design that fits your wants and needs, you should know some core concepts about bathroom tiles. 

Photo of renovation done in Gold Coast with grey finish porcelain tiles

Core Concepts of Bathroom Tiles 

In getting the tiles necessary for your bathroom, you should always consider its tile strength as well as its colour. With these concepts, you can build a design backbone that you can follow throughout your project. This part of the design is considered as crucial and essential.  

Tile Strength and Tile Life 

Design is only one part of the overall bathroom equation. Without sturdy materials, your ideas will quickly crumble to dust as they will deteriorate and be destroyed quickly. This is why learning about tile strength and tile life is crucial for any bathroom project. In general, increasing tile strength also decreases additional costs in the future since there will be a lesser need for repairs, restructuring, and renovations. 

Two common ways to increase tile life is waterproofing and membrane application. These are processes that help protect the tile structure by preventing alien elements from entering. Waterproofing, as the name suggests, prevents water from seeping in. On the other hand, membrane application protects the tiles internally so that no moisture might enter. In any of your bathroom tile ideas Gold Coast, you must hire a team that is knowledgeable in these areas. 

Tile Color 

The tile colour is the main factor which influences a tile’s beauty and elegance. Without proper knowledge of this aspect, your resulting tiles will be shabby and bland. You must take note of several concepts that can significantly improve your tiling designs—one of the ideas of schemes. Schemes are groups of colours that blend well together, and in your bathroom, you should only use one or two colour schemes. If you happen to have multiple colour schemes, your design will be too crowded and messy. Also, bear in mind that colour can affect human emotions, so you must choose one that best portrays the mood that you want to set in you bathroom tile ideas Gold Coast. 

Why Are Tiles Necessary? 

Tiles are necessary since they are the building blocks of any bathroom design. With proper use of tiles, a bathroom can be beautiful, but if the material is misused, an ugly bathroom is reproduced. Because of its importance especially in the bathroom area, tile design should be done with care and efficiency so that your dream bathroom tile ideas Gold Coast can be achieved. 

Trendy Bathroom Designs 

The planning stage of your bathroom renovation includes thinking about a particular design that will serve as the roadmap of the project. You want your bathroom to be as unique as possible, but creating one from scratch can prove to be complicated. To help you, here are some trendy bathroom designs that are fancied by many owners around the globe. 

White and Minimal 
Minimalist white bathroom renovation we completed in Gold Coast with large white floor tiles

White tiles are perceived as a material that can match well with any bathroom idea. Such an object produces an atmosphere of space and wideness, so it can create an illusion that your bathroom is more significant than its actual size. You can use white tiles installed in floors, ceilings, and walls to create a one-of-a-kind design that is clean and tidy at the same time. To add, you can install some accents in the form of intense colours such as blue and green so that it can be highlighted. Overall, the resulting bathroom tile ideas Gold Coast can be considered as minimalist, mainly if you lessen the bathroom appliances that are present. 

A Woody Encounter 

A wood or timber-based concept is also a good idea to channel your inner lumberjack. With this type of concept, it suggested that you use wood tiles and even wooden furniture. You can even apply tile breaks in this design. Simply put, tile breaks refer to a mixed-breed wall consisting of a tile and another material. Keep in mind that wood concept or theme is best amplified by natural light such as daylight or moonlight. Also, you can make use of potted plants and trees to better achieve a relaxing ambience. Wood-themes are timeless bathroom tile ideas Gold Coast, so you must use them accordingly. 


Checkboard based tiles are fantastic and sleek-looking. Since chess is usually perceived as a battle of wits, such design can activate senses when placed in the context of the bathroom. If you’re tired of the usual black and white checkboard theme, you can switch to white and yellow tiles, white and blue tiles, or white and green tiles. If installed in one part of the bathroom, such as a wall, ceiling, or floor, the result can be astonishing. Overall, such bathroom tile ideas Gold Coast can go well with vases, pots, and cabinets, so they are the right choice. If you desire to spice up the design, put some chess piece-based decorations for the maximum, effect! 

Stone Tiles 

Stone tiles are always a good idea if you want a sophisticated and royal-looking output. With the help of stone tiles, especially marble, a kingly feel will be achieved, especially when it is combined with drapes and heavy curtains. Furthermore, stone tiles can be applied to almost any surface, be it installed in walls, ceiling, floors, or even sinks. If you want a classy bathroom tile ideas Gold Coast, then this design might be perfect for you. 

If you have any needs relating to bathroom renovations are restructuring, then you should contact our team. We have adept tilers who know the ups and downs of the industry, and we always deliver the best results. Be satisfied with a service that has served hundreds of customers in the past. Contact us as soon as possible, and you will never regret it. 

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