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The bathroom is an area where you freshen up before facing a tiring day. With a bathroom session, your mind and body are readied so that you will enthusiastically engage with your daily activities. Because of this, there is always a need for a bathroom to be as attractive and beautiful as possible. But before thinking about your plans and ideas in design, you should first be aware of the critical principles that make a bathroom excellent or bad looking. 

Minimalist white bathroom design photo of our bathroom renovation done in Gold Coast with white painted walls

Critical Factors in Bathroom Designing 

The three critical aspects of bathroom ideas Gold Coast that we will tackle are colour palettes, proportions, and contrast. With the help of these three, you can create initial bathroom designs that will surely be attractive. 

Colour Palettes in Tiles 

Colours are present everywhere around us. This essential yet straightforward element manipulates our thoughts and thinking since all of us rely on colours to distinguish things. It is essential to have an adequately combined colour palette in your bathroom since poorly chosen ones can mean eyesore not only to you but also to guests and visitors. Always make sure to choose the right coloured tiles, and mix and match several tiles for better results. 

Also, colours can govern our mental and psychological states. Light colours and dark colours have different effects on the brain. Usually, dark colours are used for relaxation and refreshment. On the other hand, bright colours are utilized for activeness and enthusiasm. Take note of these things when tiling floors or when tiling walls. Remember that a one or two shade bathroom with correct colour schemes and accents makes up for a great bathroom ideas Gold Coast. 


Every bathroom is sized differently. However, many people are confused about how to utilize space, let alone manipulate them properly. A design principle concerned with the feeling of wideness or tightness is proportions. By creating illusions using differently sized fixtures, cabinets, and other bathroom materials, an owner can display that his or her bathroom is significant even if it is not. Additionally, using different sized tiles for walls, ceilings, and floors creates terrific results and enables you to highlight a specific site or area in the bathroom. This concept is called “hierarchy”. Through hierarchy, emphasis and focus can be placed on your bathroom ideas Gold Coast. 

The contrast in Design and Tiles 

Another surefire way to spice up your themes and concepts is through the use of contrast. Contrast means breaking from the usual design or countering a concept with another one that is opposite of it. For example, by combining natural light and artificial light, a human-made and organic ambience can be achieved. Another instance of this principle is when you use white tiles and pair them with dark-coloured ones. This can significantly help in accenting the bathroom, as you will not be stuck with a bland, one-coloured design. Yes, contrast is underutilized, but it should be a priority, especially in bathroom Ideas Gold Coast. 

4 Trendy Bathroom Designs 

Now that you know about the governing concepts of a proper bathroom Ideas Gold Coast, you should have a preconceived or initial plan in your mind. Gathering inspirations for better preparation is essential. Thus, we have prepared four trending bathroom designs that you will surely be fond of.  

Blackout Classiness 

Going with black themes is always a classy and sleek idea since the colour goes well when paired with many other palettes. In this design, your focus is a black concept so that you can utilize black tiles or black paint jobs. This concept can be accented with gold or yellow tiles, as well as mosaic glass tiles and stone tiles. Furthermore, adding a lamp fixture beside your black-tiled walls is an excellent idea since it will emphasize and highlight the design. Remember to add contrast in the bathroom through the use of light-coloured drapes, floor tiles, and white toilets or sinks. Overall, using the power of dark colours always results in a classy bathroom idea Gold Coast. 

Pebble Tiles and Transparent Glass 

Shower areas are one of the essential bathroom parts as it is where you keep yourself clean and hygienic. You want it to be attractive and installing pebble tiles is a great way to do it. Pebble tiles provide a great beach atmosphere to the bathroom, and it goes well with other sea-based materials. Also, by adding a glass compartment as a divider to the shower area, the pebbles will be highlighted since it can be seen even from the outside. Adding some plants or even potted trees can also bring freshness to this design. In addition, it is also advisable to provide an open window or major natural light source as it will enhance the bathroom’s organic ambience.

Minimalist Design 

An up and coming trend in today’s world is going minimalist. The thought governs this design concept that the less there is, the better the design will be. It involves dispatching unnecessary elements in the bathroom and leaving only the things that you genuinely need. With this design concept, say goodbye to cluttered spaces as your bathroom will surely feel spacious. Minimalist bathroom design can be achieved through neutrally coloured tiles, especially white ones. As a design-focused on cleanliness and space, white tiles are great choices since they can give off a feeling of depth in terms of field of vision. Another hue of a dark colour such as mint green or navy blue will complement minimalistic designs. This is a great bathroom idea Gold Coast, especially for cleanliness enthusiasts. 

Forest Style 
Bathroom renovation done by our bathroom professionals with porcelain tiles

Nothing can go wrong with a properly built forest-style bathroom. This can be achieved through carefully laying out multiple potted plants in the bathroom area, as the central concept is all about mother nature. Also, shades of green and brown are recommended, meaning that coloured tiles go well with the concept. If you want to go all out with the design it’s also a great idea to use pebble tiles or marble tiles on walls or floors. Just remember not to overdo that concept in order to produce a fantastic bathroom.

If you’re planning a remodelling of the bathroom and looking to bring it to current times, let Gold Coast Tiling & Waterproofing help you with your bathroom project. Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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